CURRENT ARTICLE: Simple Tips for Your Workout Routine

Simple Tips for Your Workout Routine

he did admit that it wasnt good for strength and mass. haha

i'm no expert but i thought i would put in some advice also. i agree with transformed, you need some big lifts in there. instead of restarting the routine on the third day, turn that into a leg day, using squats and others. legs are the most important muscles to work, even though they may be large enough for your liking. your legs release testosterone in the blood system, helping your muscles grow and recover.
you should also reduce your reps and increase your weight. if you can do all exercises 40 times, that just seems to easy. focus on some weight that you can only lift 6-8 times, obviously without killing yourself.

maybe remove your tricep pulldowns and replace with skull crushers. remember triceps take up two thirds of your arm, and large triceps make your arms look big.
eat more proteins (powders, fish, etc) as the muscles will surely be hungry and this will help recovery.
i hope this is good, anybody feel free to correct me if i am wrong.

oh and i forgot. try to drink at least a gallon of water a day. your body definitely needs that.

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