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Guerilla Cardio

interval training is where you burn off calls and work your heart fast. very fast. some people do hours of cv but when your trying to build muscle all thats cv is burning up you muscle. so what we do is run short distances very fast, then rest untill we can do it again.

choose your type of cv, i.e. running. you plan to run for 20mins in total, with a few mins warm up and cool down. once you are warm you sprint, very very fast, as fast as you can untill it hurts and you just gotta stop, then you slow down to a walk, rest only as long as you need to then sprint again for as long as you can. you carry on in this way untill your at about 20mins then you should be ready to die.

just for an example here is one of my times from a few months ago, 2mins on (sprint), 2mins off (walk), 2on, 2 off, 90secs on, 2mins off, 80secs on, 2mins off, 60secs on, 2mins off, gave up after 18mins.

i have an older fitness magazine with this type of routine callled guerilla cardio. it had an 8 minute routine, with 20 sec sprint, 10 sec rest intervals. it said you shouldnt try this as a beginner. i was going to pick that routine up in a couple months. its supposed to be better than regular cardio for burning fat and calories, because the muscles keep buring for hours after the session. just my .02

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