CURRENT ARTICLE: Nutrition Is Key for Both Running and Weight Lifting

Nutrition Is Key for Both Running and Weight Lifting

if you are really going to do this thing right, nutrition is really important. just exercising and eating will not be sufficient. didn't realize it would be so complex did you? i have been exercising for years, i run and lift weights and what you eat is crucially important. one reason is that weight lifters and runners eat very differently. carbs are what you need for fast energy to give you the energy you will need for the long runs; protein is what you need to rebuild muscles after a lifting session. you always need both but the percentage of each that you need depends on how much you are doing of each exercise. to ignore this is to work against yourself. if you lift frequently and do not eat enough protein you will not build muscle, but your body will feed on the muscle you have to get its protein. if you don't eat enough carbs and are running 25-40 miles a week the same thing will happen. i suggest you consult a sports nutritionist or trainer if you are really serious. it will cost a few pounds, but in the long run your body will thank you for it.

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