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Changing Up Your Daily Caloric Intake

hello everyone a couple days ago i seen on the news that dr's where saying if you strictly diet you should cheat once a week so your metabolism will "wake up" from it's starvation mode. i know most of us don't diet to the extreme, but i'm wondering if i should do just that, like diet (which i'm on) and cheat a day. i'm not talkin a whole day buffet...just maybe like a fast food burger and fries, maybe eggs with bacon for breakfast...anything you want like 2-3 times out of the day.

or is it best to just stick to a diet straight through..? the diet i'm on now is my own really, a low-cal/low-fat diet..and i'm losing like 3lbs a week with exercise.

anyone know, technically if it's actually good to kick start the metabolism by eating fatty foods one day out of the week..?

i agree with this to a certain extent. i think your body does adapt to a certain calorie\dietary intake and may need to be joggled a bit to break a plateau. unfortunetly, i think too many people use this as an excuse to 'binge' or 'gorge' themselves with unhealthy foods. i don't agree with that or anything referred to as a 'cheat' day. we should eat healthy (maybe 97% of the time), but we must also eat in a way that we can live with for a lifetime. if you are completely eliminating something from your diet i beleive you are setting yourself up for failure.

i eat lowfat as well. so i do have an occasional fatty food (whatever i may be craving), maybe a couple pieces of full fat cheese, or some art. & spinach dip (yummy), or maybe some lowfat frozen yogurt (icecream is my absolute fav.), are just a few examples.

when i do have an occasional craving (afterall we are only human), i feed it. i don't ever regret it nor do i call it a 'cheat'. i call it listening to my body and probably preventing many 'potential' binges in the future. i also believe that if we really are craving something it could be perhaps there is a lacking a specific vitamin\nutrient (ei. crave icecream maybe you are low on calcium).

i also increase my daily calories here and there to shake it up, not nec. with a 'fatty' food, but maybe an extra bite or two of everything throughout the day totaling an extra 100-300 calories. i really truly believe in mixing it up (mind you not gorging yourself) and being aware of your internal cues.

now if you are a body builder and trying to 'bulk' up or you do intensive weight training i believe there are diff rules...but pardon me ladies & gent.s i am no bodybuilder, so you need to help them out, if it should apply :) .

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